As a travel agent, one is always looking to earn high profits, commissions and building a customized solution from scratch. Adding travel technology serves as a booster as, it multiples your ticket booking by displaying your OWN BRAND NAME.

travel technology

Travel technology refers to a fully supported service which is made by us and sold with your brand name. Travel Technology services are purchased by travel agents without branding. In this manner the travel agent can customize the product with their own brand, logo and identity, allowing customers to associate the product with them.

Travel Technology solutions work effectively for travel agents to book tickets with travel agent’s own brand name. Also, they can manage their ticket inventory more efficiently through a travel technology solution. This also increases the distribution so that customers have more choice in where they can purchase tickets.

Why B2B MULTIFLY’s Travel Technology?

B2B Multifly has been offering Travel Technology to travel agents across with over 20 partners already. The Travel Technology website is an online booking portal that allows travel agents to start their own online travel business and sell flight tickets simply and quickly. They can also manage all their financial transactions online and run numerous reports to aid the smooth running of their business.B2B Multifly here is an easy option as the process of getting registered is easy and simple compared to others. It provides the travel agent with a progressive platform designed with high level of technical expertise that allows travel agents to engage with customers more closely by offering them a range and depth of services which isn’t possible without travel technology.


If you're a travel agent looking for a partner to help you with your website and customer interface then, B2B Multifly’s Travel Technology will enable you to do this successfully:

  • Raise your sales

    B2B Multifly offers attractive, a user-friendly display that encourages existing customers to book more tickets from your website.

  • Reach new customers

    A professional website and larger travel inventory will attract new customers on a travel agent’s travel portal.

  • Your own brand name

    With Travel technology you can have your own company name, logo and branding which will be integrated into the site, allowing personalization as you wish.

  • The best technical support

    B2B MULTIFLY has years 10 of experience and only recruits the very best support staff - available around the clock. Through which you can rely more on us for a travel technology solution.

  • How does it work?

    Once you've decided to increase your income from B2B MULTIFLY's vast travel inventory and technological expertise, this is how it works:

  • Operation

    our expert team will work closely with you, figuring out exactly how you want the site to be customized, and making it to the point that it meets your needs

  • Your Own Website

    we have a variety of travel services. You can request that all or just some of these you wish to into the travel technology that will become your website. You'll be able to view up-to-the-mark, accurate data online and on the go. As, our system has been developed to enable you to access a vast range of booking, sales, performance and other data.

  • Easy to use

    User-friendly maintenance tools allowing you to be in control at all times will ensure updating, amending and taking care of your site is as easy as can be.

  • Do Remember

    Travel technology is the perfect solution for any travel company who provides flight and vacation package products through their website. Travel technology makes connections to multiple product sources for rates and availability directly on your website easier than ever before and responds instantly with dynamic flight airfares. Having travel technology on the website allows a travel agent to be a full-service online travel agency.

  • How to Get White Label Solution in our Website?

    Just contact us on our contact number on +91 7506287428 or mail us on or simply fill up the enquiry form, our coordinator contact you within 24 hours. They will resolve your queries and guide you to how to get White Label Solution on our website.