All About Travel Agents

Who are the Travel Agents?

A Travel Agent is a private retailer or public service that provides travel and tourism related services to the public on behalf of suppliers. Such as activities like airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, railways travel, insurance and package tours. They earn a High income in the way of commission.

Nowadays travel booking is a simple step for everyone. Just take our mobile goes online. Enter the ticket reservation site and book travel at an affordable rate and enjoy your joyful holiday. But both peoples do not know about the online reservation process. They do not interest to book online ticket they always prefer there Trustable Travel Agent.

all about travel agents

Who needs a Travel Agent?

Someone has doesn’t know about those websites of Online Ticket Booking. They don’t know how to book an online ticket. They haven’t idea about how to utilize coupon code. Even they won’t idea about the online booking process. After ticket booking if it’s wrong then the cancellation process, wrong root selection or refund irritation process is time-consuming activities.

To avoid these mistakes and save the costlier time corporate people hire the Travel Agents who are efficient in booking and meet both formalities, clear the documentation work.

who needs a travel agents

Also if any person has not eligibility to travel from the airline the travel agent is the best way to track the process. They rely in upon fulfill eligibility requirements and open the doorways for Travel in Flights.

Sometimes any emergency travels the travel agent networking helpful to avoid the irritation of bookings. They have an available all expertise or paperwork knowledge for emergency booking. They are rely in ticket booking market because it's there profession.

What does a Travel Agents do?

The primary duty of travel agents is to make the manner of tour planning easier for their customers and ensure they enjoy the satisfactory trip possible.

Travel Agents work directly with the public and communicate with customers with a purpose to decide the pleasant possible travel locations, tour arrangements, and accommodations for the patron's specific desires.

They make the recommendation to customer primarily based on their experience or provide whole travel packages from numerous hotels or cruise lines.

They are regularly restrained to a budget and have to be particularly prepared to be able to provide their customers travel preparations that match each their financial boundaries and enjoyment or business travel expectancies.

Why Travel Agents are better than Online Booking?

  • Travel agents make travel less stressful.
  • They save your Money and Time both.
  • Travel Agents don't charge hidden fees.
  • They advocate on your behalf.
  • Travel Agents provide personalized attention.
  • They provides Insurance Policy.
  • They are available 24*7 for us.
  • Travel Agents specialist in both the Travel process.
  • They provides special discount for regular clients.
types of travel agents india

How Many Types of Travel Agents are there?

Online Travel Agents (Web-Based Travel Agents):

Online Travel Agent (OTA’s) is pretty reliable with the consumer. OTA’s by default instant booking system has available. They provide easy ways to surf various options at a reasonable price. The largest OTAs in the industry, consider partnering with OTAs that work with specific outbound travel markets. It makes beneficial deals for both.

There are some Subcategories under the Online Travel Agent are follows:

Airline Travel Agents:

airline travel agents india

Air Ticket Booking Agents helps their clients in Air Travel Booking. They are responsible for all types of documentation work and another legal process or affordable fares cancelation charges etc.

The profit ratio is depending upon the booking. In domestic reservation, there is low-profit margin and in International flight booking high margin. Thier profit is known as the commission.

Cruise Ship Travel Agents:

cruise ship travel agents india

Travel agents can take care of upgrades, transfers or any special request. They have relationships with many companies allowing them to go above and beyond for their customer. They care about shipping clearance and activities. Profit ratio is same as per the Airline Travel Agent.

IRCTC Travel Agents:

irctc travel agents india

To become an IRCTC agent one is required to apply IRCTC. Once it approved an agent can book as many booking as possible. Without any restrictions and their accounts do not have prevention like IRCTC user id have the limitation of around 4 or 6 tickets per month. And the agent can book as many as possible. They get their commission as per the ticket rate.

Bus Booking Agents:

bus booking agents india

Most of the Bus Booking Agents earn more commission on local bookings. The bus transport is by roadway within a specific limited area. They will choose the seat as per the customer comfort and their suitable timings. They also get their commission as per the bus ticket rate.

Car Rental Travel Agents:

car rental travel agents india

Mostly Car Rental Agents are helpful for a One-day picnics or family trips. Anyone looking for an outdoor vacation plan with limited members they have the suitable option is car rental for traveling.

Car Rental Agent responsible for Paper Clearance then traveling license, efficient drivers and many more. Sometimes they charged on KM basis rather lumpsum amount. They keep a profit margin in that amount.

Hotel Booking Travel Agents:

hotel booking travel agents india

People who are looking to book a stay at a hotel. They turn to a hotel reservation agent in order to make arrangements.

Hotel reservation agents usually work a full-time or part-time schedule, which makes this job a good one for students or people just looking for extra money.

Hotel Booking Agents are responsible for both arrangements like living rooms, quality foods in the term of both comfortable stay facilities.

Business Travel Agents (Corporate Travel Agents):

corporate travel agents india

Businesses and organizations can also entrust the responsibilities of managing their corporate travel. The travel agency has its own specialize corporate travel management team that analyzes the travel requirements and budget of your business to provide you with customized, cost-effective and stress-free business travel packages.

They have excellent expertise in arrangements of corporate tours. Business Travel Agents also contribute same work like Air Ticket booking agent. They Provide the Flights Timing, Exact Ticket Rates and related information to the clients. The duties of Business Travel Agents are as same as Flight Booking Agents. They get there profit or commission as per the booking rates.

Inbound Travel Agents:

inbound travel agents india

Inbound Travel agents are also known as Local Tour Agent because they provide the services within the specific area. Travel agents duty is to organize the tours, give trip facilities, accommodation facilities and many more.

Develop bonding or relationship with this types of an agent is the best advantage for our tour planning’s, they provide the all facilities in affordable price to concern the connection.

Multiple Travel Agents:

Multiple Travel Agents concept means they operate the chain of retailers under the one brand name. In words of affiliate marketing, they provide third-party services attached with own brand name. They compare both the retailer's plans and services and approach reasonable services with their brand. They get the profit against booking.

Miniple Travel Agents:

Miniple Travel agent is as similar as Multiple Travel Agents. This category is a subcategory of Multiple Travel Agents means they have minimum 5 to 50 branches related to their services. Its co-op travel used to be a miniple travel agent and then it’s merged with Multiple Travel Agent Dealers.

Retail Travel Agents:

Retail Travel Agents are a company who advice people when they are traveling to different hotels around the area. They are driving to and about the weather conditions and the different currency exchange. They have accurate knowledge about the current rates and climatic conditions.

Call Centre Travel Agents:

call centre travel agents india

Call Centre Travel Agents is a company which sells products over the phone and every day they have to reach a certain number of sales they make per day. They fetch database from database provider companies who provide the data about regularly travel customers or travel agents and coordinate with them regularly basis and get sales from them.

Independent Travel Agents:

independent travel agents india

Independent Travel Agents knew as retail travel agents. These agents coordinate directly with consumers. In series, they create valuable and reasonable travel package deals on time. Independent Travel Agents are those companies or sole trading organization known as provides travel and tours facilities within the small towns.

Also, those people can give travel and tours facilities personally like work at home. Tour Agents operate all type of journey and accommodation solution within a specific location and reasonable cost. And they charge commission on booking by way of profit.

Multi-Destination Travel Agents:

Multi-Destination Travel Agents is concept exactly opposite with Independent trip agent. Multi-Destination companies deal with travel and tours packages globally. Their connections in a market are strong. They give the bunch of packages like travel and accommodation in one place. Multi-Destination stays connected with regional suppliers in each city and country. It would help them to get affordable rates.

Family Special Travel Agents:

family special travel agents india

Family Special Travel Agents are for families on vacation. They offer a full-fledged family holiday with trips to historical landmarks, museums, amusement parks and theme parks, and other family-friendly attractions determine on their journey. The client can choose from customized packages on offer or discuss them there requirements and budget.

How Can I join you Become a Travel Agent?

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