Future of API Integration

future of api integration

Future of API Integration - Application Programming Interface is primarily well known for coordinator between two or more web applications. The API preserves the data of users and provide it when they want. API is a simple solution to store more data in the single route.

Recently, many more developers use the API Integration but its still facing some issues with this process, as with everything else in the technology field, API Technology is growing in the market, developers more interact with API process, because of its easy plus less money and time-consuming process.

API Trends Before the Day:

All of Developers use there API when they need to connect one product to another one. Some API's are private those restrict the limited access and feature, to use it need some specific permission and authorization. Private API is best because of less privacy issue, but Private API's is a cause of the problem because it's difficult to integrate into third-party software or website.

API Trends in Present Day:

Today the trends of Private API's is known as Public API or Open API, because its available to all public, not a private authorization are present over there. Anyone can access it without any disputes. Basically, API's use for Sharing, Communicating and Database store purpose. Open APIs do not require third parties to authenticate and authorize before they grant access to their data.

Because of Open API Integration is not simple but it's not more problematic, there are not more restrictions are available. You can access all information easily. The biggest problem of Open API is Security because anyone can access information from the database, you can't keep overall control of it who obtains access to your data and what people do with it.

API Trends in Future:

Forrester recently released a report that sizes and projects annual spending on API management solutions. We predict US companies alone will spend nearly $3 billion on API management over the next five years. Annual spend will quadruple by the end of the decade, from $140 million in 2014 to $660 million in 2020. International sales will take the global market over the billion dollar mark.

Source : The API Management Solutions Market Will Quadruple By 2020 As Business Goes Digital

API's are clearly becoming a key layer for web, app and IoT systems. Even HTML5 is becoming essentially API driven. I don't think it's hyperbole to say that API traffic will overtake Web/HTML traffic in the next 2-3 years.

look a little different, but as API take the load of most content and transaction delivery you'll want to have similar control, monitoring and optimization in place for API traffic as you do for general web traffic. So it's safe to say API Management will need to be a fundamental part of new Web/Internet systems.

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