Learn How to Integrate Travel API on Your Travel Portal

Learn How to Integrate Travel API on Your Travel Portal

Your travel business can be small or huge; however, it can’t survive within the present world without a Travel booking API. You must be hosting a really smart travel website style on your domain and it may even be attracting a lot of tourists additionally. However, without Travel booking API, you won’t be able to get its full potential. With Travel booking API, you'll be able to connect with potential purchasers and additionally come through the sales on-line.


To integrate the API of a third-party provider, you initially got to sign An API contract with B2B Multifly. This API supplier is the best Travel booking API in India. Once you register with the supplier the provider can send your IT team/your technology supplier AN API document together with by taking a look at Access.

Your technology partner can study the API and its technical feasibleness with regards to their booking engine. Every API needs a separate instrumentation and mapping with the booking engine, therefore if you've got multiple websites, your technology partner can build multiple connectors.

B2B Multifly has developed an aggregation engine that enables it to consolidate totally different feeds into a unified API output. This reduces development and maintenance time and Increases the value of a travel agent.

Once the instrumentation is prepared, it'll need certification by the provider, to make sure it complies with the supplier’s standards.

After the certification is complete, the provider can give you credentials to access their live feeds which may be utilized by shoppers to create bookings on your website.

This essentially covers the API Integration method. B2B Multifly has a tendency to conjointly create an infographic to stipulate the steps concerned in desegregation a travel API into your website:

B2BMultifly has over eight years of API integration expertise, having integrated many travel suppliers together for Flight travel booking API.

Also, does it provide Travel XML API Integration for travel agents. By having a fast and straightforward XML API integration, travel agents can extend their customers' convenience to flight XML API booking, with access to each external content with its XML integration white label services. Travel agents can also increase their revenues and modify cross-selling with full content, mark-ups, negotiated fares, packaging options, service fees, the agency outlined airfare promotions, additionally as optimizing and ranking prospects to form the foremost out of search engines. No travel agent would like to invest in expensive investments. Third party XML API may be simply, easily and cost-effectively integrated into your existing system. Hence, B2B Multifly’s travel booking API is the best cheapest solution for you.

API Integration is an end-to-end method of attracting customers to your travel website and book tickets. This travel API allows and permits a travel agent to integrate third-party Gateway/Payment Gateway/GDS XML API Integrations/Auxiliary service integration into the booking engine on their website. So that the customers may take interest in the inventories and alternative travel XML API services provided by the third party, by having a fast and straightforward XML API integration.