Boost Your Income with Travel Technology

Boost Your Income with Travel Technology

Looking to increase ticket booking on your website? Are you a full time/ Part time online travel Agent looking to boost your income? Craving to get good profits? Got cravings to earn high commission? Then, Travel Technology is the answer to all the questions popping in your head. Travel Technology helps a travel agent to earn high revenue in very low period of time… Do not believe the above statement? Read the benefits and you will get to know ahead…

Benefits of Travel Technology

  • Travel agents can book tickets peacefully at their ease and peace

  • High profits can be earned if the Data is secured right? Travel Technology secures the booking data and minimizes the amount of data loss.

  • Travel Technology provides hassle free bookings with the help of airfare calendar.

  • Travel Technology helps to use the data with an ease. All a travel agent has to do is enter data once and save the same which will help avoid entering of the same data again and again and save a travel agents time too.

  • Travel Technology uses Travel API which makes sure that the booking process is easy because after all API is the heart of Inventory.

  • API benefits a travel agent to integrate all the flight-related services in one system and provides real-time information too.

  • Travel agents can receive payments directly from the customers only with the help of travel API.

  • All a travel agent needs to have is a travel API and then the travel agents can book tickets anytime and from almost anywhere.

  • Secured Booking! Travel API along with White Label provides the security of tickets booking and payments for travel agents.

  • It is affordable. And why shouldn’t a travel agent go for travel API? If just API and White label can provide a travel agent to increases his regular income, then the travel agent shouldn’t give second thoughts about integrating travel API in his portal. Benefits of White Label

  • White label permits travel agents to have their own brand name on the service they provide. This may generally take 2 to 3 months but if a travel agent goes for B2B Multilink’s White label, a travel agent may get his/her Own brand i.e. white label in just few days, within few clicks.

  • White label is easy and ready to use.

  • It needs less maintenance.

  • Difficult coding won’t be an issue as a travel agent does not need a technical team now all a travel agent needs to have is a White Label.

  • There isn’t any education barrier. No specific qualification is required if a travel agent goes for B2B Multifly’s White label.

  • A travel agent is visible globally on an online basis only with the help of White label.

  • Whether a travel agent has a system or mobile to operate his white label on doesn’t matter as the travel agent has booking engine in their pocket. And this is possible only due to White label.

  • White label sets a travel agent free from the glitches of deployment and operations.
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